Friday, March 21, 2014

"Final" results

So these are the final results after 19 months of using Latisse/Lumigan. I write "final" because it can still get better. As you can see it has partially worked but not completely. The results are not bad and are acceptable, I would say good. I think this would be more than OK for most people that have no eyelashes.

Pros: You definetively see that new hairs coming.
Cons: It takes very long time. There is a constant growing but very very slow curve. Every 4 months I think I am a bit worse and then one month later I get new hairs and better than it ever was.

My doctor suggested some oral cortisone together with Latisse, but I will not take cortisone until I think I dont see any progress for a few months or if it gets better.

As you can see on the page with the studies , I am more or less on the middle. I didnt get a full re-growth but half of it.

Good luck if you try and let me know your progress.

Monday, March 11, 2013


7 Months!!! after I started using Latisse I post this new picture. I read that I had 16 hairs, and I counted 22 hairs now, so it follows almost the same progression. The inner part is almost cover and unfortunately the mid part is the worst part with only 3 tiny ones now, but it looks that it is progressing now, still verrryyy sloooooowww.
Overall, after 7 months, I would say I am quite happy with the results. Now I would give Latisse for Alopecia Areata a 6.5/10. It takes long time  and you have to be VERY patience but it is working.
I will keep on going until 1 year and so far I consider myself : moderate growth.

What I did last week is to get UVA rays. PUVA (psoraen plus UVA) has been a solution for Alopecia Areata and I have notices the sun rays helps overall my Alopecia Areata. I of course close my eyes but I do try to point a bit to the sun to get some rays on the lid as well.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Week 19th- still very slow progress

So 7 weeks from the last picture and not much I have 16 new hairs compared to the 10 from week 12....around only 1 new hair pair week. What is good is that the new ones are now longer and cover a bit more space. As I wrote the biggest improvement in the study came from 4 to 8 months...and I am there now. If I keep the same progression I will have around 35 hairs at the end of the 8 month which would be excellent...but who knows? I keep on trying and posting.
Regarding the little hammer I stopped using it in both the scalp and beard. The hair in the scalp remains there so that is fantasctic news, and also the new ones I got in the beard, but it is just a bit too much the 30 minutes that I had to use every day. Still after new years I am planning on using it every day until March. I am so happy with it!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Week 12th - The seven star hammer results

I didn't post any picture for the week 12th as there is not much difference with week 11, except for 2 or 3 tiny new ones.The progress is soooo slow again. I must have now around 10, so I will begin to post pictures every second week.
But instead I would like to post the pictures for the hammer results. I think they are quite conclusive, in 8 weeks all the spots are gone. I still have a few areas where you can see that there is less hair but I will continue to use it for two or three weeks more to have a full re-growth. In the beard it is also working !, not so fast, but it is working and I am quite happy. I will post the results in some weeks, although I do not have good start pictures.
I cannot say that the seven star hammer is actually a solution until I wait a couple of months to see if the hair does not fall, but I honestly feel very very happy and can say that the hammer can be a solution for the Alopecia Areata when it is NOT totalis or universalis.I would also like to ask a doctor, so I will soon ask for an appointment and ask the doctor what he thinks...I guess he will say I am crazy for using that little hammer.

Monday, October 29, 2012

11th week

I am writing the eleventh week lines a bit late. It is now  2 months and a half and still not such promising results, but I got 3 new ones so I am back to 8 :). The Christmas target seems to be the perfect one now but I am not sure that in the coming 9 weeks I will get a completely re-growth. I have improved a lot when it comes to my morning anxiety so that is probably helping as well. I MUST post the picture from the scalp. The seven star hammer seems to work as a  solution for partial alopecia areata as I am getting a good growth both on my scalp and my beard. Beard is taking longer as I am only applying the hammer to a few areas, under the nose and under the mouth, but it is slowly working...good! Will the results be permanent? ...I doubt that but it worths trying.
 In the picture you can see almost all the new ones coming, but they are not enough to cover any lets keep on trying!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Week 10- going backwards

So it seems that I am going backwards now. I didn't get any new lashes and instead I lost two. That makes six. This counting of new lashes seems a bit stupid now, but lets keep it until I reach 10 :). I will wait another week to post a new picture. I am now going away for a whole week and I will take Latisse with me of course. I have used it every single day for this 10 weeks. I will also take this week to rest from the seven star hammer and post a picture when I am back. I think it is going well  the hammer but it is not a miracle. At least 2 months are required to bring the hair back which is quite normal.
Last week, one of the days I was trying to bring blood to the area with the cotton swap I think I got the lid too red so next day three people on the same day asked me what happened to my eye... I think I will not do that anymore. Instead I will use an eyeliner, but only a little,so the difference on the eyelid is not so easy to notice. I will use that only when I go out. That's a good trick as most people will not notice that we don't have lashes if they see a black line on the lid.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Week 9- sloooow progress

Well, so I reach the 9th week with Latisse and the 5th with the seven star hammer. I have 8 black new lashes, I got 3 new ones this week. So 8 out 75...makes a very small amount. If I get 3 new ones every week it will 25 weeks to cover the lid or I guess around 10 weeks more to have a decent amount. Christmas in my target! Anyway I will be happy if I have the same progression and have eleven by next Wednesday. I thought once new ones would come they would come quickly but..that is not the case. Reading the study from Spain: "The average time needed to induce eyelash regrowth was from 4 to 8 months". I think most people with Alopecia Areata do not wait long enough when using Latisse.

Regarding the little hammer, I see a decent but not spectacular re-growth. Anyway, it it only 5 weeks. In the scalp seems to be working better than in the beard as in the beard I see almost no results. Anyway, again, it is only 5 weeks, I will use it until Christmas also and then evaluate. I will post a picture very soon and compare with the other one. I dislike that it takes around 40 minutes to every day together with the Latisse and it is a bit painful.